Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese snacks,famous street food@Travel Guide

The most wonderful and important thing about Taiwan travel is delicious foods.

Not only fancy restaurants,but also Taiwanese street foods.

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-night market

Taiwanese snacks are famous over the wlorld.

All the Taiwan Must-Eat foods are just on the strees when you walk by.

Maybe it's not easy for tourists don't read chinese to understand those foods and how to order,but actually it's easy to try.You just point it and lift a finger as you wanna try one.

You can find Taiwanese snacks,hand-carried easy food to eat on the go near MRT,Train Stations,Taiwanese Night Market and crowded area.


Here are some famous "Taiwanese snacks" on the street shops.

As Taiwanese I love to eat those street foods as below and wanna recommend my friends over the world to try.

Taiwan Must-Eat-1-Stinky Tofu

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food- Stinky Tofu

Stinky Tofu

Chinese Name:臭豆腐



Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food- Stinky Tofu

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : chòu dòu fǔ

Price:NT$40~60 (1~2 US dollar) with 3 or 4 squaresquare-shaped tofus cutted into pieces.

Stinky Tofu is fried with Taiwanese pickled vegetables.

I saw one shop use "Fermented Tofu",but not correct.Coz Fermented Tofu is close to Fermented bean curd.

Taiwan Must-Eat-1-Stinky Tofu

Photo: Fried Stinky Tofu(I love this kind).

Different ways to cook stinky tofu:

Deep fried Stinky Tofu 油炸臭豆腐 

Hot & Spicy Stinky Tofu (with Soup) 麻辣臭豆腐

Steamed Stinky Tofu 清蒸臭豆腐 

Grilled Stinky Tofu 烤臭豆腐


Taiwan Must-Eat-2-Taiwanese vermicelli

Taiwanese vermicelli normally have 4 choices.

1.Oyster vermicelli

2.Intestine vermicelli

3.Oyster & Intestines vermicelli

4.Just vermicelli (without any Oyster or Intestines)

Price:NT$40~60 (1~2 US dollar)

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Intestine vermicelli

Intestine vermicelli 

Chinese Name:大腸麵線



Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Oyster vermicelli

Oyster vermicelli

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : ô-á mī-sòaⁿ

Chinese Name:蚵仔麵線




Taiwan Must-Eat-3-Beef noodle soup

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Beef noodle soup

Beef noodle soup




Chinese Name:牛肉麵

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : niú ròu mián

Price:NT$80~150 (3~5 US dollar)


Taiwan Must-Eat-4-Bubble Milk tea

Taiwan Must-Eat-4-Bubble Milk tea 珍珠奶茶2  

bubble milk tea、Bubble tea、 pearl milk tea、boba-milk tea

Chinese Name:珍珠奶茶

Short Name:珍奶


milk tea=奶茶

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : zhēn zhū nǎi chá 

We call 珍奶 In short : zhēn nǎi

Price:NT$30~60 (1~2 US dollar) to go.

Price:NT$90~150 (3~5 US dollar) in a restaurant.

Taiwan Must-Eat-4-Bubble Milk tea 珍珠奶茶

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in Taichung in the 1980s.


Taiwan Must-Eat-5-Pig Blood Cake 

Taiwan Must-Eat-5-Pig Blood Cake 豬血糕  

Pig Blood Cake 豬血糕

Pig's blood cake

Chinese Name:豬血糕

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : zhū xiě gāo

Price:NT$20~40 (1~1.5 US dollar)

Taiwan Must-Eat-5-Pig Blood Cake 豬血糕2

Pig Blood Cake is hot and Steamed snacks in Taiwan streets.

It tastes like sticky rice.Pig's blood cake is made with pork blood, sticky rice and soy broth. It is steamed and coated in peanut flour and coriander.


Taiwan Must-Eat-6-Braised pork rice 

Taiwan Must-Eat-6-Braised pork rice 滷肉飯

Braised pork rice

Chinese Name:魯肉飯 or 滷肉飯

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : lǔ ròu fàn

Price:NT$20~40 (1~1.5 US dollar)

Taiwan Must-Eat-6-Braised pork rice 滷肉飯2

In the street shops, you can order Braised pork rice,noodles,appetizers and small side dishes.


Taiwan Must-Eat-7-Fired snacks、Fired Chicken Pie

Taiwan Must-Eat-7-Fired snacks、Fired Chicken Pie  

Taiwanese Fried snacks

Such as Fried Chicken,Popcorn chicken,Fried pork,Fried Tempura(fish cake),Fried dried tofu and so on.

Usually you will see "鹽酥雞" on the shop's name.

鹽酥雞 is Fried Popcorn Chicken(Salty fried chicken dice)as the signature and representative of fried snacks.

Lots Taiwanese street foods are deep fried.it's not a healthy way to cook and eat,but it's just delicious.haha.

Taiwan Must-Eat-7-Fired snacks、Fired Chicken Pie2

Fried Chicken Pie (cut into pieces)/ Fried chicken cutlet

AKA:fried chicken cutlet、fried chicken breast、fried chicken fillet、Large Fried Chicken...

Price:NT$40~60 (1.5~2.5 US dollar)

Chinese Name:炸雞排 or 雞排

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : zhà jī pái (or) jī pái 


Taiwan Must-Eat-8-Smoked Sausages

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Smoked Sausages (roasted sausage)

Smoked Sausages (roasted sausage)

Taiwan Sausages are famous with meat, wind, some wtih fish egg and duck meat.

Price:NT$20~40 (1~1.5 US dollar)

Chinese Name:烤香腸 (sausage=香腸)

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : kao xiang chang

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-sausage with sticky rice

sausage with sticky rice or Doubled layer roll (sausage)

Some shops have Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice,call "大腸包小腸".It means small sausage in large rice roll.

AKA:Taiwanese Hot Dog

Price:NT$20~40 (1~1.5 US dollar)

Chinese Name:大腸包小腸

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : da chang bao xiao chang


Taiwan Must-Eat-9-Soup dumplings、pork bun、an-fried Stuffed Buns

Soup dumplings is the must-eat food for tourists because it's the signature dish in Taiwan famous restaurant "Din Tai Fung" (鼎泰豐) .

Soup dumplings(Xiao Long Bao) is some kind of steamed bun with meat and soup inside it.

Chinese Name:小籠包

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : Xiao Long Bao

Some street foods are similar to Soup dumplings.

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food- pork bun

Pork bun

Chinese bread with meat and vegetable.

Chinese Name:肉包

How Taiwanese call it in chinese :ròu bāo

Price:NT$15~30 (0.5~1 US dollar)/per

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Pan-fried Stuffed Buns

Pan-fried Stuffed Buns/ fried dumpling bun

It is fried dumplings on the iron plate.

Chinese Name:水煎包

How Taiwanese call it in chinese :Shui jian bao

Price:NT$10~20 (0.5~1 US dollar)/per


Taiwan Must-Eat-10-Squid Potage、Fried Squid 

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Squid Potage Noodle

Taiwan Squid Potage Soup

Chinese Name:魷魚羹

How Taiwanese call it in chinese :yóu yú gēng

Squid Potage can add noodle in soup.

Squid Potage Noodles

Chinese Name:魷魚羹麵

Price:NT$40~60 (1.5~2 US dollar)

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food- Fried Squid

Fried Squid 

Chinese Name:炸魷魚

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : zhá yóu yú 

Price:NT$80~120 (2.5~3 US dollar)


Taiwan Must-Eat-11-Flaky scallion pancake

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food- Flaky scallion pancake

Flaky scallion pancake

You can add egg,cheese,ham in your flaky scallion pancake.

Chinese Name:蔥抓餅

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : cōng zhua bǐng 

Price:NT$25~40 (1~1.5 US dollar)

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Flaky scallion pancake2

Flaky scallion pancake is similar to "Green Onion Pancake".

The most different of those are:

1.Flaky scallion pancake is crispier.

2.Flaky scallion pancake usually with egg and ocimum basilicum.

Green Onion Pancake

Chinese Name:蔥油餅

How Taiwanese call it in chinese :cōng yóu bǐng

Price:NT$25~40 (1~1.5 US dollar)


Taiwan Must-Eat-12-Oyster Omelet 

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food-Oyster Omelet

Oyster Omelet

It's not easy to make and not every shop use fresh and big Oysters.So Oyster Omelet is n't my top 5 choices to eat.Though it's famous for tourists.

Chinese Name:蚵仔煎

How Taiwanese call it in chinese : ou a jian

Price:NT$50~60 (1.5~2 US dollar)

Oyster omelette is a Taiwan "night market favorite", and has constantly been ranked by many foreigners as the top cuisine from Taiwan. 

The dish consists of an omelette with a filling primarily composed of small oysters. Starch (typically potato starch) is mixed into the egg batter, giving the resulting egg wrap a thicker consistency. 


Taiwan Must-Eat-13-tofu pudding

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food- tofu pudding

Tofu Pudding (Soybean Pudding)

It's famous local desert in Taiwan.Tofu Pudding can be warm with ginger ale or cold with ice.

Chinese Name:豆花

How Taiwanese call it in chinese :dòu huā

Price:NT$30~60 (1~2 US dollar)

Taiwan Must-Eat,Taiwanese street food- tofu pudding2

Tofu Pudding can add peanut,azuki beans,mung beans,pearl barley,lotus seed and tapioca.


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