Taoyuan Airport MRT Sky Train

Taoyuan Airport now have Airport MRT to connect Taipei MRT system.They are two different types of operations.

Single ticket is NT.30~160 dollars.(US.1~5.5 dollars)

Taoyuan Metro English Website:www.tymetro.com

Taoyuan Airport English Website:www.taoyuan-airport.com

Photos from Taiwan News media and offical website.

Taoyuan Airport Metro.jpg

In Taiwan,Taoyuan Airport Metro is called "Taoyuan Airport MRT" in English.

"Where is MRT?" you can use this sentence to ask direction.

In Fact,Taoyuan Airport MRT is Sky Train,not actually Metro,subway  or underground.

Taoyuan Airport MRT in TPE.jpg

When you arrive at Taoyuan Airport(TPE),take your luggage and walk out the airport lobby,then you can find the BLUE train sign to "Taoyuan Airport MRT".

Taoyuan Airport  Metro Route.jpg

Download: Taoyuan Airport MRT Route MAP

Taoyuan Airport Metro Fares Price.jpg

Download: Taoyuan Airport MRT Fares(Price)

Child Fare:20% off,6~12 years old.(Buy from Ticket desk)

Senior Fare:50% off,above 65 years old.(Buy from Ticket desk)

Taoyuan Airport MRT First last Train.jpg

Runing Time around 6AM~11:30PM,Two types of MRT Trains.

Express and Commuter trains stop by stations A12 (Airport Terminal 1) and A13 (Airport Terminal 2) at an interval around 7.5 minutes (Express and Commuter trains alternately).Read more about:Taoyuan Airport Transportation

Taoyuan Airport MRT Purple Express Train.jpg

Purple Train is "Exppress Train".

Taoyuan Airport Exppress Train takes 35-37 mins from airport to Taipei main station(MRT/Railway/HSR).

A1 stop is Taipei main station.

A12 stop is Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1 station.

A13 stop is Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2 station.

Taoyuan Airport MRT Blue Commuter Train.jpg

Blue Train is "Commuter Train".

It takes 48 mins from airport to Taipei main station(MRT/Railway/HSR).

Taoyuan Airport MRT Route

Download: Taoyuan Airport MRT Route from Ticket Machine

Taoyuan Metro Token Single Journey Ticket Machine

How to use Taoyuan Metro Ticket Machine?

1.Purple for Single Journey Token Ticket:Touch the screen to choose language and follow the steps.

2.Blue for buying "EasyCard" and deposit.If you stay long time in Taipei and use MRT,Train and Bus a lot,you can consider to buy EasyCard.

P.S.EasyCard costs NT.100 dollars for having the card and Non-refundable. 

Taoyuan Airport MRT gate

Use the Token to pass through the MRT gate.

Download Map:Taipei Metro route map2017

Download MRT of Taipei Route only:metrotaipeimap.jpg

Read More:Taipei Travel Simple Guide:7 Must-See spots,Easy-Go by MRT

Taoyuan Metro English Website:www.tymetro.com

Taoyuan Airport English Website:www.taoyuan-airport.com

Chinese version:[桃園機場捷運]台北車站往桃園機場直達車程半小時160元,桃捷車票價目表~

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